Thursday, June 29, 2017
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Outsourcing Advisory Services

Is your company re-examining its outsourcing status? Is your organization ready for the possible changes resulting from expiration of contracts? Are you considering outsourcing for the first time? Are you considering off-shoring as an option, but not sure where to start? At PTP, we work with our clients to look at and address these questions in a holistic way by understanding financial, technical, cultural, and organizational implications.

PTP's highly skilled staff can assist in:

  • Determining your goals, drivers, and objectives for altering your current sourcing arrangement

  • Analyzing and evaluating your existing relationships

  • Establishing the best solution in outsourcing, in-sourcing, or off-shore models; or, implementing a hybrid approach by determining how functions should be grouped to optimize strategic position and value

  • Developing a corresponding strategy for chosen alternative(s)

  • Performing qualitative and quantitative financial and risk analysis

  • Providing structured and unbiased analysis, industry benchmarks, process rigor, and in-depth expertise

  • Developing RFIs and RFPs

  • Negotiating with vendors

  • Defining SLA measurements

  • Providing a change management plan and services to aid in the transition to the new model

  • Measuring the actual benefits achieved from changes made to the sourcing strategy