We are a Switzerland based Tech company with a development centre in Bangalore - India that is at the forefront of ensuring technology is at the root of doing good.

Sustainability, Conservation, Development and Environment are key pillars of our tech for good journey to make lives and livelihoods meaningful.

What we are good At

From Product and Business Intelligence solutions for Corporates and SME’s looking to scale through automation and drive efficiency to Learning  platforms for Edtechs , Academies and Universities that enhances reach and new markets, driving enrolments and continuous engagements with students – For e.g We have powered, to Tech and AI based development measurement tools for NGO’s and social organisations – WWF uses our visual analytics tools to monitor programme progress.

Perpetual tech offers a range of platforms, tools and competencies to help you make better decisions.

Product & Platform Development

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Product and platform Development

Creating successful products is incredibly difficult. Something like 80% or more new products fail. A lot of that challenge comes from the effort and difficulty in technology implementation, especially for software products

At Perpetual Technology Partners (PTP) we offer end to end product development services. With our decades of expertise, we can design, implement, and shape your tech product into a world-class offering.

  • Define competitive strategies by understanding market trends and the competitive landscape, and comparing feature sets of competing product
  • Designing product roadmaps
  • Design world-class user-centric experiences using design thinking processes
  • Defining the Optimal Tech Architecture and Tech Stack
  • Software product implementation and management of the product development lifecycle

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Service

Business intelligence (BI) is the process of transforming data into actionable insights that can be utilized to make better business decisions.

At Perpetual Technology Partners (PTP) we offer a complete corporate business intelligence solution. With our business intelligence (BI) expertise, we can design, develop, and implement corporate processes, as well as integrate, maintain, and administer related technical applications and platforms.

Allow data insights to drive your company’s decisions!

  • Evaluate existing platform and create an analytics solution design/roadmap
  • Recommendations on various ETL Tools like SSIS & Informatica
  • Help choose between various data visualization & reporting tools like Tableau, Qlik Sense, & PowerBI
  • Development of the analytics solution’s components (DWH, ETL/ELT, OLAP etc)
  • Design & development of reporting dashboards
  • Integration, Performance & User acceptance testing
  • Smooth transition & knowledge sharing
  • Analyze and comprehend the present analytical platform and methodology
  • Conduct a gap analysis based on the analysis
  • Determine the company’s analytical goals and propose a technological stack
  • Analyze the governance and put best practices in place

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

According to a  Gartner Report(2019,2020,2021) several components of AI / ML based tech are past the hype curve. Of course, many are still at the peak of hype, but it is easy to ignore the many aspects that have become part of our lives. For instance, chat bots, image recognition, fraud detection, and natural language processing, recommender systems (to name just a few) are very much part of our lives. So much so that no one thinks of Siri as AI anymore. It’s not cool, its functional.

Organizations that get ahead of the curve in adopting AI can garner significant competitive advantage. At Perpetual Technology Partners (PTP) we can help you evaluate opportunities to get ahead of the competition by using cutting edge AI

  • Analyse your business & identify potential use cases for AI implementation
  • Recommendations of approaches, tools, and algorithms based on the identified opportunities
  • Design AI solutions based on the recommendations specified in the feasibility report.
  • Solution Implementation
  • Lifecycle support and maintenance

What Matters to Us

Creating positive social impact and improving well-being for all, is our singular aim using technology for the good of the world. The incredible promise of advanced Technology, Automation and Robotics for the advancement of Human Welfare is at the core what we deliver.

  • Our Digital Solutions for managing hard to reach places has the power to transform value creation for development and conservation. Using deep tech and visual analytics our solutions aim to improve outcomes and helps achieve goals faster. Our engagement with WWF is a case in point.
  • From Water Management and Climate to Biodiversity and Healthcare; From Education and Work Cultures to Measuring Sustainability Our AI/ML driven algorithms and analytics brings meaning and results to your efforts and programmes.
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Our Team


Satyadeep Rajan

Satya leads PTP’s Management Consulting practice. Satya has over 20 years of experience from being a Programme Director at WEF( World Economic Forum) to creating successful businesses from idea to IPO. The focus of his career has been on innovation, entrepreneurship, education and youth employment.


Harold Fernandes

Creative, innovative and dynamic software technologist with 23 years of experience in software design & development, product development, project management, customer relations, user experience, and training.

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